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Easily Measure the Success of Your Campaigns with Our Nickelytics Dashboard

As an Advertiser leveraging the Nickelytics Dashboard, you can gain access to critical business analytics that will allow you to accurately measure your marketing ROI and make strategic business decisions based on real data. Our convenient dashboard allows you to track the number of Rider requests to and from your location, uncover insights into time-of-day traffic trends, and important demographic information of your visitors. With the power of this unique data at your fingertips, you can discover more ways to increase foot traffic to your business and increase your bottom line.


Within the Nickelytics Dashboard, your business can offer Riders weekly or monthly promotions to drive more business to your location. With just a few clicks you can easily set up special offers based on your requirements, inventory, and availability so you can control who you want to attract to your business and when. Best of all, if you feel your offer isn’t performing as planned you can quickly make adjustments or create an entirely new offer. The power to control how quickly your business can grow will truly be in your hands.


Interested in finding out exactly who’s visiting your location and why? With the Nickelytics Dashboard you’ll be able to do that and more. You’ll have the ability to drill down into your most frequent visitors and learn pertinent information about them to help you market better. Riders will have the ability to share details about their buying habits and preferences so you can determine who your best target audiences are. Today’s consumers are more than happy to share relevant information to help businesses provide them with experiences, products, and services that meet their needs so why not utilize a tool that does exactly that.

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