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The Nickel Ride is an innovative and eco-friendly transportation service that strives to strengthen and grow your community’s well-being. We offer free rides to everyone within the operating radius of The Nickel Ride routes with the goal of providing a unique experience to visitors, residents, and businesses that you won’t find anywhere else.

One the best aspects of how The Nickel Ride operates in your community is that it’s staffed by your local community members. The Nickel Ride drivers act as friendly brand ambassadors that have a wealth of knowledge about your community and bring authenticity to the riders’ transportation experience as they narrate your location’s history while providing messages from local businesses.

Additionally, The Nickel Ride is an effective solution to reducing traffic congestion in your high-density downtown locations while promoting local businesses to visitors and residents alike to discover and enjoy. The Nickel Ride recognizes the importance of growing your community’s local commerce and offering an innovative transportation alternative will support your mission for helping your community to continue to prosper.

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